Poll Finds Dentists to be Highly Ethical and Honest

***UPDATED:  January 23, 2014***  Every year, U.S. News ranks the top 100 professions using several factors, including employment opportunities, salary, the balance between work and life, and job security.  The careers that made the list offer just the right combination of these components to be considered a “top” profession, and this year the beloved DENTIST made #3.  With the profession … Read More

Have No Fear, Sedation Dentistry is Here

Many Americans miss out on the benefits of regular trips to the dentist, potentially putting their general health at risk, because they experience dental phobia, or fear of anything related to the dentist.  There are many factors that can contribute to this phobia and with the latest research showing a strong connection between oral health and several serious health conditions, … Read More

Understanding Dental Phobia

***UPDATED 12/13/12*** Researchers are one step closer to identifying a potential origin for dental phobia, according to a recent Spanish study.  Scientists examined several children (ages 7-12) who display some fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist, and it turns out that those who showed the greatest signs of anxiety shared this fear with another family member, particularly a parent.   … Read More

Overcome Your Fear at Miami Dental Sedation Spa

It is completely normal and natural to feel apprehension or anxiety when preparing to receive dental treatment.  Most people experience some degree of these emotions, but for some, they can be extremely intense and even debilitating.  Whether caused by unpleasant previous experiences or fear about the procedure itself, anxiety and alarm keep some individuals from regularly visiting their dentist, often … Read More

A Cure for Cavities

There is no fun way to treat a cavity and I’ve never run across anyone who enjoys the very common procedure of filling one in.  Thanks to sedation dentistry, those who are particularly anxious about the procedure, are able to remedy the issue in a relaxed, calm environment, but even with technological developments that make dental visits more enjoyable, the … Read More

The Safety of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry has been all over recent news media after an ABC News investigation uncovered a horrific story of greed and malpractice.  According to reports, there have been 31 child deaths over the last 15 years due to incompetent dentists using anesthesia in inappropriate ways, at times to perform routine procedures, such as teeth cleaning and cavity treatments.   It has … Read More

The Oral Health of Women

***UPDATED: June 10, 2014*** Researchers from Pennsylvania State University have stumbled upon a new discovery, further linking the hormones in women to oral health.  The study that is responsible for the finding is aimed at investigating new methods of renewable energy recovery, according to a Dental Tribune article. Through their work, they found that saliva-powered microcells produce enough energy to … Read More

Not Your Mother’s Dentist

Fear of going to the dentist often stems from a traumatic childhood experience.  Back in the day, dentistry tools and anesthesia were not at the level of sophistication that they currently are, often leading to more painful procedures.  Lucky for you, and your children, technological advances in the field of dentistry have allowed for a much more pleasant, virtually pain-free … Read More

The New and Improved Root Canal

***UPDATED: June 24, 2017*** A new development in root canal therapy promises a more effective treatment with longer-lasting results. According to a recent article from the Dental Tribune, more than 15 million root canal therapies are completed every year in the United States. The current treatment is effective in saving a tooth, but can cause it to become brittle and … Read More

Research Explains Source of Dental Phobia

Many people suffer from anxiety when visiting their dentist, and whether it’s fear of pain or simply the unknown, it’s difficult to pinpoint the root of the problem.  However, a group of researchers attempted to investigate deeper into the issue and found some pretty amazing results.  Would you believe that hair color can be an indicator of who has dental … Read More