Same Day Dental Crowns

A tooth that is cracked, discolored, decayed, or broken isn’t just painful—it can also affect your enjoyment of certain foods and beverages, and lead to embarrassment or anxiety in social situations.

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Thanks to recent advancements in dental technology, it is now possible to digitally create crowns and other restorations right here in the office. After a single appointment, you can walk out with a beautiful new smile that you feel proud to show off.

What Are Same Day Dental Crowns?

A crown is a type of dental restoration that is placed completely over the tooth to strengthen it and improve its appearance. Crowns are used to protect weak or cracked teeth, restore broken teeth, and support teeth that are at risk of breaking.

Typically, the process of creating a dental crown requires at least two in-office visits and a two-week waiting period while the lab prepares your crown. During your first appointment your dentist will make an impression of the tooth and surrounding teeth, and they will usually need to place a temporary crown.

By comparison, same day dental crowns only require a single visit to the office—no need to wait several weeks for a lab to prepare the crown. Instead, we create your beautiful new crown right here in the office using our state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology. We are proud to use the Planmeca PlanMill® 40 S to create top-quality dental crowns with the highest level of precision.

What Are the Benefits of Same Day Crowns?

The biggest benefit of same day crowns vs. traditional dental crowns is the amount of time you save. Some of the key benefits of same day crowns include:

  • Quick & Convenient – Skip an unnecessary visit to the office and spend less time away from work by consolidating the procedure into a single appointment. We create your new crown right in the office while you wait comfortably.
  • Precision – Our innovative CAD/CAM digital printer is extremely precise, leaving no room for human error. With this technology you can trust that your new crown will fit your tooth perfectly.
  • Comfortable – The putty-like material used to make traditional dental impressions can trigger the gag reflex for many patients. With same day crowns, we use an intraoral scanner to create a digital impression of your mouth instead.
  • Immediate Results – With same day dental crowns, you will feel comfortable and confident showing off your teeth from the moment you leave our office. Skip the temporary crown and start loving your new smile today.

We are proud to provide our patients with the most elite dental technology in the industry, and to continuously update our service offerings to reflect the latest innovations.

Are you living with a weak, cracked, or damaged tooth that is causing you pain and embarrassment? Stop hiding your smile!

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