Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Want a perfect smile? Miami Dental Sedation Spa starts with a smile analysis, then develops a custom plan which may include one or more cosmetic dental procedures. Crowns, veneers, tooth sculpting, and power bleaching are some of the cosmetic procedures routinely performed. Learn more by watching the patient education videos below.

Our office is committed to acquiring the most advanced, cutting-edge technologies in the industry. To enhance our knowledge, we regularly attend seminars and workshops alongside the world leaders in dentistry and dental technology.

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Take Home Bleaching

Is a dentist-supplied product that contains a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide and will work quicker than over-the-counter products. The patient has impressions of his or her mouth taken. Thin custom trays are fabricated to fit over the teeth. The appropriate bleaching gel is supplied to the patient with instructions on how to use it and for how long.

Power Bleaching

The patient receives custom trays with bleaching gel to continue the treatment at home for the deepest bleaching possible. The patient will also receive a desensitizing rinse or a fluoride gel to minimize any discomfort.

Porcelain Crown

The ability to use an esthetic, all-ceramic material for posterior and anterior restorations has been a long-standing goal in the dental profession. The popularity and trend of performing esthetic procedures has brought in a more demanding and sophisticated clientele. Porcelain crowns restore teeth with materials that mimic tooth structure in shape, function, and esthetics as well as translucency. Dr. Sanchez and Dr. Vidal both have over ten years experience with porcelain crowns. He is aware that a dentist’s restoration can only look great as long as is done by a great lab ceramist.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers, as part of esthetic dentistry, can reshape, rejuvenate, and whiten smiles through the use of very thin porcelain bonded to teeth.

Trial Smile

Temporary material is placed on the teeth to determine the best fit and shape of a future esthetic reconstruction. The patient is able to see and feel the future restorations.

Smile Analysis

The dictionary defines art as “the quality production, expression according to esthetic principles of what is beautiful, appealing,or of more than ordinary significance.” It also defines art as “the principles or methods governing any craft or branch of learning.” These explanations clearly define esthetic dentistry. A smile analysis takes into account the amount of teeth showing, their shape, shade, position, the smile arch, midline and other determinants of beauty. This information is then used to treatment plan an esthetic case.

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