Is your smile impacted by teeth that are loose or at risk of becoming loose over time? Thanks to new advancements in dental technology, there are more options than ever before when it comes to replacing missing teeth.

Hybrid Dentures

Teeth-in-a-day, also known as hybrid dentures, is an exciting procedure that allows patients to walk out of our office with a beautiful new smile after just one appointment – no waiting period, multiple visits, or temporary appliances required!

Benefits of Hybrid Dentures

While traditional dental implants are still a good option for many patients, they come with a standard six-month recovery period. During this time, multiple surgeries and appointments may be needed. Additionally, patients may be required to wear a bridge or denture during the interim waiting period, or go without a tooth (or multiple teeth) altogether.

Teeth-in-a-day is a far less invasive procedure that eliminates the need for this six-month healing period, and delivers same-day results. This option is ideal for dental emergencies, or patients seeking a quick and easy recovery period.

Replace your missing teeth and walk away with a beautiful new smile you’ll love, in just a single visit!

Who Qualifies for Teeth-in-a-day?

Teeth-in-a-day is a viable option for many patients in need of one or more of the following services:

  • Tooth extractions
  • Single missing tooth
  • Multiple missing teeth
  • Replacing upper denture (partial or full)
  • Replacing lower denture (partial or full)

Dr. Sanchez or Dr. Vidal will be able to determine whether or not you meet the criteria for the teeth-in-a-day procedure. Schedule a consultation to find out if you’re a suitable candidate today – give our office a call at (305)-445-4646!

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