Miami Dental Sedation Spa specializes in sedation dentistry and the comfortable treatment of fearful patients. Miami Dental Sedation Spa offers several sedation options, all administered by trained and licensed dentists. Read below to learn more. Have questions? Please give us a call at 305-445-4646.


Is a whitening procedure done at the dental office. The active ingredient in these products is a very high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. It is activated by light after taking special precaution to maintain the product on the teeth, away from the gums. The procedure lasts about an hour.


The most common spot to get cavities in children is in the grooves of the chewing surfaces of the tooth. These grooves can be sealed with a synthetic coating to help prevent cavities.

Fluoride Vanish

Is a thin coating of resin containing fluoride that dentists apply to the surfaces of the teeth to protect them from decay. It has a higher concentration of fluoride than gels, foams, rinses, and pastes, but it is less toxic to children because less of the product is swallowed during application.


Do you remember the first time you went out in a date? Hopefully it was a time spent introducing yourself and getting to know the other person. Dr. Sanchez wants to treat each patient as an individual. We do not treat mouths, we treat individuals. Each one of us has different backgrounds and goals we want to achieve. The exam is a co-discovery for both Dr. Sanchez and his patient. It might entail radiographs, pictures, clinical evaluation, cancer screening and some others, but the most important thing is the time spent together getting to know each other. Come and experience the difference!


Our office uses digital radiographs. This allows us to minimize your exposure to radiation by 90%. We are also helping the environment by not utilizing harsh chemicals that need to be discarded constantly.

Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is one of the most curable diseases when it’s caught early. The Miami Dental Sedation Spa uses Vizilite Plus to screen oral cancer. It is a very simple technology that assists in the early detection of oral abnormalities. The patient rinses with a cleansing solution and then the mouth is examined under a specially designed light. The procedure is completely painless, quick and effective.

Root Canal Treatment

Severe decay affects the tooth pulp. This is where the dental nerve and blood channels reside inside each tooth. When the pulp is affected and the tooth can be restored there is a need for a root canal treatment. This treatment involves the removal of the pulp, cleansing of the canals and their obturation.

Modern dentistry allows us to accomplish this treatment in one office visit most of the time. Do not hesitate and wait worrying about getting a root canal. Our office has all the comforts and amenities you need. Remember that Dr. Sanchez can sedate you for all your procedures.


Considered a last resort, extractions are done in our office with a restoring plan to follow. This plan may involve implants, fixed bridges, and or removable bridges.


Dr. Sanchez works with the finest specialists to give you the beautiful smile you always wanted. Invisalign and porcelain brackets are some of the modern techniques used by orthodontist to improve your esthetics and most important maintain your occlusion and masticatory muscles healthy.

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