Understanding Dental Pain and Brain Function

There’s been a new discovery in dental anesthesia, helping professionals better understand dental pain and hopefully how to limit it. While local anesthesia has been used in dentistry for over a century, no one ever understood how the pain is associated with brain mechanisms. According to a recent Dental Tribune article, new research has now pinpointed the brain regions that … Read More

Considerations for Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry has come a long way in recent years and is a very viable option for patients suffering from dental phobia. Oral sedation is the most commonly used sedation method and can help calm the fear and anxiety of patients with minimal to severe reactions to dental procedures. Any dentist is able to prescribe these medications as long as … Read More

Understanding Sedation Dentistry

In an effort to oust the global oral disease epidemic, the dental industry has spent valuable resources working to better understand and overcome the obstacles that keep individuals from achieving good oral health. Access to dental care is a big issue, and groups like the World Health Organization and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have implemented a … Read More

Extreme Couple Tries to Save Money with At-Home Dentistry

There are plenty of people who go to great lengths to skip their dental appointments. In many cases, dental phobia, or fear of all things related to dentistry, keep people from visiting their dentist the recommended two times a year. Some might schedule the appointment, but as the date approaches, anxiety drives them to cancel. Another common reason why people … Read More

Developments in Pain-free Dentistry

Millions of people around the world suffer from dental phobia, a fear that can be so debilitating, some have skipped their dental appointments for decades. Triggered by a variety of factors, the fear can cause severe anxiety attacks with both physical and emotional symptoms, making the consequences of poor oral health more appealing than experiencing an episode. For many, the … Read More

Millions Still Skipping the Dentist

In recent years, several dental organizations have made a push to improve awareness of oral health importance in an effort to combat the growing oral disease epidemic across the country.  Initiatives like the American Dental Association’s (ADA) National Children’s Dental Health Month and the American Dental Hygienists Association’s (ADHA) National Dental Hygiene Month have paved the road for improved education and … Read More

Tips For Overcoming Dental Phobia

Are you afraid/anxious/nervous/uncomfortable about going to the dentist? Well, guess what? So are millions of other people around the world.  Often times, our fears stem from a deep-rooted, often illogical idea of what an experience could be like.  Being scared of the dentist is not something new and if you talk to several kids, you’ll find out that the anxiety … Read More

Dental Drill Evokes Fear In Many

Millions of Americans suffer from dental anxiety for a number of reasons.  Whether it’s the anxiety caused by potential pain that triggers an attack or the fear of a devastating diagnosis, dental phobia is very real and keeps many from visiting their dentist consistently.  In an effort to better understand dental fear, a team of Japanese researchers conducted a study … Read More

No More Needles

Millions of Americans are affected by some form of oral disease, and most cases are considered preventable.  Individuals who do not follow a consistent, effective oral hygiene routine, including brushing twice a day and flossing regularly, put themselves at a much greater risk of developing a health problem.  Many also avoid going to the dentist, which contributes to the growing … Read More

Another Step Closer to Pain Free Dentistry

***UPDATED: January 30, 2013*** Yet another step has been made towards pain-free dentistry with a recent study out of the University of Otago Dental School in New Zealand.  After finding that a high number of children who have had extensive dental work done suffer most from anxiety and fear of the dentist, a new technique of treating tooth decay has … Read More