Healthy gums are a critical component to overall oral health. Learn more about the gum treatments offered by Miami Dental Sedation Spa below. Have questions? Please contact us for a consultation.

Periodontal (Gum) Treatment

Periodontal disease leads to tooth loss. Some signs of periodontal disease could be painful gums, bleeding during brushing, flossing or with applied pressure, pus, abscess, red and swollen gums, tooth mobility, bone loss, increased depth of periodontal pockets, and change of bite or occlusion. Some patients with the disease do not experience pain; therefore they do not seek help. A thorough evaluation takes into consideration the status of the gums. Dr. Sanchez and his staff help their patients maintain their teeth with comprehensive periodontal treatments that may involve specialists in the field.


Is a ‘cleaning’ done to prevent diseases of the gums. This ‘cleaning’ is usuall y done twice a year to patients free of gum disease.

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