Tooth Pain Caused by Sinusitis

Many things can cause a toothache from cavities, molars, exposed roots and even a sinus infection.  People don’t generally think of a sinus infection contributing to tooth pain, but it can be the cause of your pain.  Maxillary sinuses are located just above your teeth and when there is inflammation in this region it can spread to your mouth.

All of the pressure from your sinus infection can translate to pressure in your upper molars causing a toothache.  Many of these patients will run to the sedation dentist only to find out the problem is not related to their mouth.  When this is the case, seeing your primary care physician may be your best route.  They can determine the true cause of your pain and treat you accordingly.

Your doctor may determine you have a sinus infection and prescribe antibiotics.  They may also determine it’s simply allergies or a cold in which case over the counter drugs can help relieve symptoms.  Your doctor should be able to make the best recommendations.  According to the article “Sinus Infection: A Real Pain in the…Teeth?” by Best Dentist News, humidifiers, nasal sprays and over-the-counter decongestants may be helpful in treating the pain associated with sinusitis.  Talk to your dentist or doctor about your symptoms.

Written by Mark Paulsort

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