Sedation Dentists Promoting The AirFloss

Sedation dentists across the nation struggle with getting their patients to floss regularly.  Everyone knows how important it is, but people still choose to skip it from their daily routine.  Sometimes it can hurt, cause bleeding and it’s simply a little time consuming so people are not completing the task even though it can help prevent gum disease.  This prompted Philips Electronics to develop the Sonicare AirFloss system which encourages the benefits of flossing.

The AirFloss system is a new way to remove bacteria and plaque through powerful air and water according to the article “Oral Health Goes High Tech With the AirFloss” by Catherine Hughes on the  The system blasts air at water on the teeth and gums to give the mouth an outstanding cleaning.  Philips says the Sonicare AirFloss removes up to 99% more dental plaque than just brushing.  It’s powered by a lithium ion battery and shoots air and water at speeds of around 45 miles per hour.  The system claims to give a full blown cleaning in less than a minute.

While the system is expensive, coming in around $90, the effectiveness of the system may appeal to many people.  It’s quick and simple and in today’s fast paced environment it may be worth the extra money to quickly get a superior cleaning that brushing and flossing alone may not come close to.  The lack of chemicals will also appeal to a certain group of people trying to be more “green”.  Anything that can help patients take care of their oral health will appeal to dentists everywhere.

Written by Mark Paulsort

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