Sedation Dentistry: Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide gas, also known as laughing gas, can be a great option for those seeking sedation dentistry because of a fear of going to the dentist.  This particular procedure has been used safely for over a century with minimal side effects.  Effects of the gas typically wear off very quickly so the patient can feel back to normal very soon.  Nitrous gas is considered once of the safest methods of sedation available in the dentistry world.

The gas generally gives a calming effect to the patient to help ease any anxiety about receiving dental treatment.  This can be especially useful when dealing with a restless child.  Some describe the experience as soothing and relaxing which can really calm nerves.  Through modern technology, the administering of nitrous gas has become quick and painless as specialists oversee the process to ensure the proper amount of gas is inhaled by the patient.  An automated machine is designed to deliver exactly what the patient needs to feel the relaxing effects.

Nitrous oxide can also be use with a local anesthetic to relieve pain associated with minor dental procedures.  The combination can make the experience pain free for the patient combined with the calming effects to sooth nerves.  Dental care is crucial to your overall health so knowing this type of option is available to patients is very comforting.  Meet with your Miami sedation dentist to see what option would be best for you and your individual needs.

By Mark Paulsort

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