New Standard of Oral Health Prevention

The Miami sedation dentistry world is continuously working hard to discover new and better ways to ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth.  Many Miami dentists are now recommending a new line of self-testing that can help any patient maintain a healthier smile.  This is incorporated with five parts of a new standard of prevention which will take oral health to a new level.

Discuss the new self-testing methods with your dentist.  They include some simple steps anyone can do at home to ensure a healthy environment in the mouth.  The first test involves feeling for biofilm on the teeth, which your sedation dentist can teach you how to do.  Next, a simple testing of salivary pH balance can tell a lot about what’s going on in someone’s mouth.  This is easily done with a pH strip and a saliva sample.  Finally, more and more dentists are teaching their patients how to check for bleeding between the teeth.  This can be tested with the Eastman Interdental Bleeding Index which is a tooth pick test that can test for unhealthy inflammation.

These simple tests combined with a new standard of oral health prevention can make for stronger, healthier teeth.  The new standard has five main parts which involve taking Xylitol five times a day, which was discussed in detail in a previous blog.  They also recommend taking oral probiotics, cleaning in between teeth regularly, using a dry brush, and taking extra care to clean the tongue thoroughly.  Talk with your dentist about any new recommendations that will enable to you to keep your mouth healthier, stronger, and more beautiful.

Written by Mark Paulsort

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