Miami Sedation Dentistry to Ease Anxiety

Dental phobia and anxiety is a real condition that affects millions.  The American Association of Endodontists reports that about 80% of Americans experience some degree of anxiety about going to the dentist.  About half of these people actually avoid the dentist because of these feelings.  About 5-10% of these people are considered dental phobics because they are so terrified of the dentist, they will do anything to avoid seeking oral care.  This is unfortunate since research shows that neglecting dental care can lead to serious health conditions and it should not be avoided.

There are many aspects of going to the dentist that can cause stress and anxiety.  The most common is probably the fear of pain or any sort of discomfort being experienced in the sensitive mouth.  Embarrassment of how someone’s teeth look can cause anxiety.  Previous bad experiences can linger with someone for years and cause a fear about going back.  According to the website, observational learning can even cause fear.  By witnessing someone else who is fearful of the dentist, an individual can actually learn this type of behavior.

The good news is that Miami sedation dentists can help you get through your dental experience if in fact you are nervous about seeking dental care.  There is a wide array of options to help ease your fears and minimize pain as much as possible through sedation dentistry.  Your dentist will sit down with you and understand your individual fears to custom a plan to suit your needs and ensure you get the best dental experience possible.  Fear should not keep you from the dentist because it’s so important to maintain oral health for your overall well-being.