Fall: The Perfect Season to Focus on Health

Many people find New Year’s to be the most motivational time of year to work on personal health.  Others feel that spring is the season for extra workouts and cutting calories, in preparation for the summer beach days ahead.   Most however, don’t consider fall to be an inspiring time of year to focus on fitness, but I believe it’s the perfect season to really pay attention to one’s health and wellness.  With cooling temperatures comes an increase in outdoor activity opportunities, and the fall harvest allows for many delicious and healthy menu alternatives.  And with the holidays right around the corner, (a time when most Americans put on 7-10 pounds annually!) why not get a head start on looking great and feeling even better.

Fall is the season of color-changing foliage, hearty mums, pumpkins, Halloween, and possibly the most popular produce, apples.  Have you ever heard the expression, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away?” While this wonder fruit may not truly eliminate the need for physicians, it does provide quite an abundance of healthy benefits.  For example, apples are thought to help boost your immune system because they are packed with vitamin C and several antioxidants.  Some experts believe that they can even protect your brain cells from Alzheimer’s disease.  They also contain soluble fibers and phenols which are proven to help reduce cholesterol levels, in addition to pectin, which can aid in digestive processes.  Aside from the nutrients and other good stuff found in this amazing fruit, the crunchy texture of apples has the same effect as brushing your teeth, protecting your pearly-whites from decay-causing bacteria.  Oh yeah, and they’re also delicious! With so many obvious benefits, it’s no wonder why the popular apple phrase was started in the first place.

Whether enjoying apple cider, apple cobbler, apple pie, or a plain old whole apple, you’re bound to benefit from consuming this popular fall fruit.  And while they definitely promote a healthy lifestyle, unfortunately, they cannot be used in place of medical or dental care.  Just because the apple is dubbed “nature’s toothbrush” doesn’t mean that you should stop brushing your teeth! Regular check-ups and good oral hygiene are always recommended (especially after eating all of that Halloween candy).  Here’s to a healthy and happy autumn season!

Written by Mark Paulsort

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