Dentists Say Brush Your Teeth With Sugar!

More and more dentists are encouraging brushing your teeth with sugar.  How can this be?  The type of sugar they want you to brush with is very specific.  It’s called Xylitol and it’s a naturally occurring alcohol sugar readily available to consumers throughout the nation.  One of the more common places it is used is in chewing gums such as the popular Orbit.  This sugar alcohol can actually improve your oral health if used regularly over time.

The main benefit Xylitol brings to users is that it cannot be processed by the natural bacteria in our mouths.  Because of this, regular use can actually kill off harmful bacteria for an overall healthier environment in your mouth.  Dentists have been encouraging the use of sugar-free gums to help promote saliva production but if Xylitol is present it can have added benefits.  This is exciting news for people looking to improve their oral health using quick and simple methods.

As with most good things, some precautions should be taken to avoid the overuse of Xylitol.  More than two portions a day can have a laxative effect on some people and it can actually be lethal to pets.  Interestingly enough, dogs quickly develop insulin shock after taking Xylitol and is very toxic to their liver.  This does not occur in humans.  Taken carefully though, this special sugar can really work wonders.  For the best results, using 100% Xylitol is best.  Some well-known gums and mints only have a minimal amount of the sugar alcohol present, but they do sell pure Xylitol.  If you suffer from too many cavities and think you may benefit from this option talk to your sedation dentist about which products would be best for you.

Written by Mark Paulsort

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