Dental Fear is More Common Than You May Think

Sedation dentistry has come leaps and bounds in the past few decades and with good reason.  Over 30% of Americans have a fear of going to the dentist according to, mostly due to the fear of potential pain experienced from common dental procedures.

A visit to the dentist can be a pleasant experience especially when you are upfront with your dentist about your fears.  Having an open discussion with your dentist about your specific fears will help your dentist tailor the experience with your needs in mind.  Modern dentistry has developed over the years to be very safe and comfortable through a variety of anxiety reducing methods designed to lessen and often times eliminate any pain.

A Miami sedation dentist in your area not only offers care and concern for every patient, but they are armed with experience and knowledge to ensure a positive dental experience.  It’s crucial that fear does not keep you from seeking preventative oral care, especially if you are in any kind of discomfort.  You are not alone as millions of other Americans are experiencing some of the same fears.