Oral Health Symptom Checker from the ADA

A new online tool for consumers is now available from the American Dental Association (ADA).  Last June, the association released their informative, user-friendly website, MouthHealthy.org, in order to address the lack of public knowledge in the area of oral health.  A wealth of information from reputable sources is available for all age ranges and backgrounds so that consumers can make … Read More

The Effects of Tobacco Products on Oral Health

***UPDATED: June 30, 2014*** The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are preparing to launch another series of ads in their Tips from Former Smokers campaign that launched in 2012. The new ads, set for disbursement on July 7, features people from all walks of life sharing their stories of how smoking has hurt them, often in ways that are not … Read More

The Importance of Oral Health for Men

I have, on several occasions, discussed the importance of oral health as it pertains to women (check out my blogs: The Oral Health of Women and Dental Care for Expectant Mothers).  But did you know that men are actually less likely to take as good of care of their physical and oral health as their female counterparts? According to the … Read More

Seniors Share Dental Care Lesson

The British are often stereotyped for having a challenging dental care system and, perhaps as a result, less-than-perfect looking teeth.  Actor Mike Myers played the role of Austin Powers in a series of movies that, with huge, blockbuster success, demonstrated this generalization with exaggeration.  Sure, people all over the world found his shaggy hair, retro style, and crooked, discolored smile … Read More

Announcing The Comprehensive Dental Reform Act of 2012

June has proved to be an important month in the legislature of health care, and not only because of the much anticipated ruling from the Supreme Court on Obama’s Affordable Care Act in the coming weeks.  Just yesterday, officials from the United States Senate and House of Representatives announced a new legislative effort to combat the rapidly growing dental care … Read More