Keep A Healthy Mouth This Holiday Season

Once again, it’s holiday time, but unlike Halloween, the time between Thanksgiving and New Years can be a month long celebration for many Americans.  Pies, cakes, cookies and chocolates are everywhere you turn from family gatherings to office parties.  It’s more important than ever to ensure you are following an oral health care routine consistently to avoid dreaded tooth decay. … Read More

Choosing the Right Toothbrush

Oral health is so important to our overall well-being.  Not only is it crucial to visit your Miami sedation dentist regularly, but you should follow a consistent and thorough cleaning routine at home and this starts with making sure you have the right toothbrush. From a young age we are taught the importance of brushing regularly.  We now know just … Read More

Responsible Oral Health During Halloween

Halloween is upon us and this means candy will be everywhere you turn.  It’s in the office, at social events, in our home, and of course our kids are bringing home bags of it on Halloween night.  It’s hard to resist the sweet treats entirely, but there are some responsible steps you can take to keep your teeth healthy through … Read More

When Should I Take My Child to the Dentist?

Many parents question when they should be taking their child to the dentist and dentists and doctors have varying opinions on this.  Teeth should be looked at for health as soon as they poke through, but getting a child under three to sit in a chair for a thorough exam can be extremely difficult. The appropriate dental care should start … Read More

Tooth Pain Caused by Sinusitis

Many things can cause a toothache from cavities, molars, exposed roots and even a sinus infection.  People don’t generally think of a sinus infection contributing to tooth pain, but it can be the cause of your pain.  Maxillary sinuses are located just above your teeth and when there is inflammation in this region it can spread to your mouth. All … Read More

Most US Children Experience Tooth Decay

We’ve been discussing the importance of xylitol in keeping our mouths free of decay.  It’s a type of sugar that does not contribute to the bacteria causing problems in our mouth.  Some dentists are even suggesting it be used on children to help keep their mouths in better shape.  Apparently, American children need some help in this area. Dental caries … Read More

New Product to Virtually Eliminate Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a tough disease of the mouth that millions of Americans suffer from.  It can cause pain and eventually the loss of teeth.  Preventing gingivitis has been high on the priority list for many Miami dentists who want real solutions for their patients.  While the treatment for gingivitis is very effective, preventing it altogether is really the most powerful … Read More

New Standard of Oral Health Prevention

The Miami sedation dentistry world is continuously working hard to discover new and better ways to ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth.  Many Miami dentists are now recommending a new line of self-testing that can help any patient maintain a healthier smile.  This is incorporated with five parts of a new standard of prevention which will take oral health to … Read More

Top Seven Worst Foods for Your Mouth

Very interesting article on Yahoo! Shine today: “7 Worst Foods for Your Teeth” by The Editors at RealAge.  We all know how bad table sugar is for our teeth and how it contributes directly to tooth decay, but there are some items on the list that may surprise you.  Here’s the top seven: Soft drinks Sports drinks Sour coated candy … Read More

Dental Health and Diabetes

***UPDATED: February 23, 2015*** For individuals who have lost a permanent tooth, dental implants have proven to be a very effective method for replacement. Unfortunately, those suffering from diabetes haven’t been able to take advantage of the many benefits of implants. Diabetics have a more difficult time fighting infections and their wounds often take longer to heal, making them less … Read More