The Great Fluoride Debate Continues

According to a recent article from the American Dental Association, a federal judge has just denied the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit seeking to ban fluoride additives used in community water. The lawsuit was filed in April by the Fluoridation Action Network and a number of other environmental and medical groups, after the EPA denied the … Read More

ADA Responds the Discouraging Fluoride Study

Recently, a study published online claimed an association between higher prenatal fluoride exposure and subsequent lower IQ scores in children, and the American Dental Association (ADA) has responded. In the study, researchers looked at 299 pairs of moms and children in Mexico, analyzing their general cognitive indexes and IQ analyses. According to a recent ADA news article, researchers concluded that … Read More

Water Fluoridation Guidelines Revised

Fluoride has been used in public water sources for decades in an attempt to improve the oral health of Americans, but in recent years has been surrounded by controversy. Arguments that the added mineral contributes to the development of autism, or that ingestion of too much fluoride can lower the IQ of children, have continually been debunked, however the Department … Read More

Florida Medicaid Policy Improving Oral Health

***UPDATED: January 10, 2015*** A federal judge has ruled that the 1.9 million children enrolled in the Florida Medicaid program for medical and dental care are not receiving the care that is required by federal law, according to a recent article. The 153-page report released by Judge Adalberto Jordan states that 79% of the kids enrolled are getting no dental … Read More

Fluoride: Friend or Foe?

***UPDATED: January 14, 2014*** Fluoride has been the primary weapon in preventative dentistry’s battle against tooth decay for nearly five decades.  While industry experts have long reported that the mineral helps reduce the risk of dental caries through the hardening of dental enamel, in recent years other health activists have argued that it does more harm than good.  With fluoride … Read More

High-Fluoride Toothpaste to Fight Tooth Decay

***UPDATED: May 10, 2013***  The issue of fluoride, specifically of fluoridating public water sources, has been a hot topic in recent years.  Despite nearly 50 years of research showing the oral health benefits of the mineral, controversy exists as to whether the additive is helpful or hurtful to the American public.  Recently, new evidence has been discovered that further demonstrates … Read More

Bottled Water Could Cause Tooth Decay

With Children’s Dental Health Month occurring last month, many recent stories in the dental care world have revolved around the rising rates of tooth decay in kids.  Advice has been given about ensuring your children are brushing and flossing daily, visiting their dentist regularly, avoiding sugary snacks and beverages, but it’s not very often that you hear to keep bottled … Read More

Chronic Heartburn and Dental Care

If you suffer from chronic heartburn, new research indicates that you should not only be concerned about your esophagus, but your teeth as well.  The condition, gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, occurs when the acidic contents of the stomach escape into the esophagus, often leading into the mouth, causing burning pain.  The study, described in the MSN Health article, “Acid … Read More

Keep A Healthy Mouth This Holiday Season

Once again, it’s holiday time, but unlike Halloween, the time between Thanksgiving and New Years can be a month long celebration for many Americans.  Pies, cakes, cookies and chocolates are everywhere you turn from family gatherings to office parties.  It’s more important than ever to ensure you are following an oral health care routine consistently to avoid dreaded tooth decay. … Read More

Dr. Sanchez on Fluoride: Tune In!

Dr. Sanchez is going to be on national TV tomorrow, Sept 7th, at 9:00 am EST on Telemundo’s  TV Show  “Levantate” talking about fluoride. Tune in!  (Miami local Channel 51)