Sedation Dentistry

Miami Dental Sedation Spa specializes in sedation dentistry and the comfortable treatment of fearful patients. Miami Dental Sedation Spa offers several sedation options, all administered by trained and licensed dentists. Read below to learn more. Have questions? Please give us a call at 305-445-4646.

Pre Sedation Instructions
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IV sedation

IV sedation is for the high fear patient. This type of sedation can only be offered by dentists trained and licensed in the state of Florida for conscious sedation. Some patients with long dental appointments also opt for this type of sedation to make the appointments more pleasant. The licensed dentist has more control with the IV route than with the oral sedation delivery. Medicines are delivered through an IV line placed in the arm. Dr. Sanchez and Dr. Vidal have sedated many patients that travel from central and south Florida. A comprehensive exam is necessary previous to the sedation appointment to determine dental needs and medical status of each patient.
Miami Dental Sedation Spa uses state of the art equipment and technology to diagnose and treat its patients.

Learn more about the types of sedation we offer.

Oral Sedation

Pills are taken orally to relief light to severe fear and anxiety in patients. Any dentist is able to prescribe these medications as long as they follow the strict guidelines set by the American Dental Association. The patient gets to be in a very relaxed state during the dental procedures.

Nitrous Gas

Nitrous oxide gas (laughing gas) is used with patients who have light to medium fear and anxiety of dental treatments. This procedure has being safely used for over a century. The patient is able to go home by themselves since the effects are vanished a couple of minutes after the removal of the nasal mask.

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