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New Study on the Treatment of Gum Disease in Diabetic Patients


There is a well documented relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes, and while it isn’t fully understood, it is known that gum disease is very difficult to treat in patients with Type 2 diabetes. For patients without diabetes, periodontal disease … Continued

The More You Know: Sedation Dentistry


The use of sedation in dentistry has grown immensely in the last several years and is now used in many dental practices. Whether it’s necessary to complete an invasive procedure or to help calm anxiety for a tooth cleaning, sedation … Continued

Nitrous Oxide and Sedation Dentistry: A Standard of Safety


Nitrous oxide-oxygen (N2O-O2), also known as laughing gas, has safely been used for sedation in dentistry for decades. Today, it is used primarily for anxiety management because fear and anxiety are both associated with a lowered pain threshold and increased … Continued

Dental Phobia and Your Oral Health

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Visiting the dentist is a critical component of achieving and maintaining good oral health, which we now know is extremely important to overall health and wellness. While most dental procedures are painless, simply having an exam can cause some people … Continued