Watch Out for Acid on Your Teeth

We’ve always been warned of the dangers of excess sugar on our teeth, but we are being educated on a new culprit causing damage to our teeth.  This offender is acid, found is many different foods and drinks.  According to the article on CBSNews “Beware Effects of Acid on Teeth” acid can be found in very common things such as soda, energy drinks, wine, most fruit, jams, pickles, sauerkraut, candy, and juices.

Dr. Nancy Rosen, a NYC dentist, says the acid in liquids can cause damage in teeth that is irreversible.  This damage can cause sensitivity, pain, tooth decay and discoloration.  By following a few tips you can minimize the effects of acid on your teeth:

  1. When eating high acidic foods, eat it alongside more neutral foods
  2. Using a straw and drinking quickly will limit the contact liquid has with your teeth
  3. Swish with water or mouthwash after eating acidic food
  4. Brush with a fluoride toothpaste about 30 minutes before consuming acidic food
  5. Chew sugar free gum to help stimulate saliva in the mouth

If you already have damage from years of eating and drinking highly acidic items, visit a cosmetic dentist for a consultation.  There are dozens of procedures to help your teeth look and feel better after acid destruction.