Visit Your Miami Dentist for Headaches

We all know that visiting your Miami dentist regularly is important for your overall health, but many do not realize that visiting your dentist may be the key to relieving those stubborn headaches.  If you experience consistent headaches or migraines, it’s possible the pain is being caused by a misaligned jaw or grinding of your teeth while you sleep.  These problems can be easily fixed by receiving the right diagnosis and proper treatment.

According to the article “Struggling With Headaches? Visit Your Dentist” by Medical News Today, temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is a neuromuscular jaw condition which is generally caused by an unbalanced bite.  When there is pressure in certain areas of the jaw headaches and migraines can occur.  By getting your bite fixed not only can you have your cosmetic dentistry needs handled but you may completely eliminate your headaches.  This is great news for those suffering from continuous, unexplained headaches.

The article discusses some signs to look for to determine if TMJ might be your issue.  If you suffer from headaches first thing in the morning, pain behind the eyes, sinus pain and pressure, or pain in the neck and shoulders TMJ could be the culprit.  Visit your dentist to get a diagnosis so you can start treatment as soon as possible.  Many patients find complete relief from these symptoms once their bite is corrected or their grinding is under control.

By Mark Paulsort

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