Types of Sedation Dentistry

More and more patients are turning to sedation dentistry to ensure a relaxed dental experience.  Whether fear drives your decision or you do not respond well to local numbing medication, know that sedation dentistry is safe and effective.

Two of the main types of sedation are IV sedation and oral sedation.  IV sedation can only be offered by trained and licensed dentists.  This is a good option for those patients receiving procedures that are expected to take extended periods of time.  Medication is delivered through an IV which is placed in the arm.

Oral sedation is a safe and effective way to relieve the nerves associated with dental procedures.  Miami Dental Sedation Spa follows the strict guidelines put in place by the American Dental Association when administrating oral sedation pills.  Your dentist will go over the types of sedation with you in more detail and help you choose which method is best for your personal needs.