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With the Internet literally in the pockets of nearly all individuals, it has become quite easy to access information about most topics.  Whenever a question arises, (When should I feed my baby solid foods? How do I change the oil in my car? What’s a good recipe for guacamole?) we “Google” it and are immediately given the choice between thousands of answers.  The access to information is convenient, yes, but we often take what we find as absolute, not acknowledging that we aren’t expert pediatricians, mechanics, or chefs.  When it comes down to it, the most valuable information is available directly from professionals, which is why the latest articles from <a href=”http://www.miamidentalsedationspa.com/about-dr-sanchez/”>Dr. Luis Sanchez</a> at Miami Dental Sedation Spa are so helpful.  Here, Dr. Sanchez shares some keen insights on some of the most talked about issues in oral health.  The following pieces are currently available:

<a href=”http://www.miamidentalsedationspa.com/articles/dental-amalgams.html”><strong>Are Your Amalgam Fillings a Health Risk? </strong></a>

Dental amalgams, or silver fillings, have been in the news since 2009 when the Food and Drug Administration reclassified the mercury component of them.  Since then, the question of safety has been on the minds of millions of individuals who were given such fillings in the past.  Dr. Sanchez discusses how they view dental amalgams at his practice and shares his personal experience with deciding whether to replace them.

<a href=”http://www.miamidentalsedationspa.com/articles/canker-sores.html”><strong>Could Your Canker Sore Be a Sign of a Larger Health Issue? </strong></a>

Do you know what a canker sore is and when to be concerned about one? Dr. Sanchez gives a clear and concise explanation about the uncomfortable ulcers and describes when you should seek medical attention.

<a href=”http://www.miamidentalsedationspa.com/articles/disability-insurance.html”><strong>When was the Last Time You Took a Look at Your Disability Insurance Papers?</strong></a>

While this topic isn’t specific to oral health, it is significant to just about everyone.  Dr. Sanchez shares a personal story that illustrates the importance of keeping up with your insurance needs as life moves in and out of different seasons.

<a href=”http://www.miamidentalsedationspa.com/articles/has-your-dentist-sent-you-away.html”><strong>Has Your Dentist Ever Sent You Away?</strong></a>

With information so readily available in today’s world, patients often visit their dentist or primary care physician believing they know exactly what is wrong with them and how it should be fixed.  Here, Dr. Sanchez describes how his ethics and professional standards   have shaped his practice and why saying “no” to a patient at times is simply the right thing to do.

While “Googling” directions to the nearest Starbucks or finding movie times at your local theater are great uses of the Internet, the best information about oral health comes directly from professionals.  Check out these great resources and be sure to check back for more interesting and informative articles soon!

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