The Power of a Smile

Every year, Time magazine releases their compilation of the most influential people in the world in the form of a top 100 list.  They are actors, leaders, athletes, moguls, and individuals, who inspire, entertain, challenge, and change the world we live in.  While the list is made up of a variety of men and women from around the globe, they all share a handful of qualities that contribute to their influence.  Generally, they are all hard-working, driven, ambitious people who use their influence in positive and meaningful ways.  But apparently it’s not just their actions that evoke change, but also their appearance.  A recent article, (“Do successful people have similar smiles?”) discusses a research project that concluded that influential individuals share similar facial features, leading some to argue that a person’s look, particularly their smile, has a great deal of control over the power they can acquire.

The study, which is to be published in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation in March, was led by a group of Spanish researchers who compared images of Time’s annual top 100 list recipients from 2006 to 2010.  Features were examined using a set of 36 variables and measured by photogrammetric analysis to “obtain proportional measurements of a qualitative and quantitative nature.” From here, data was broken down into five sections: smile-to-face proportions, smile proportions, dental proportions, symmetries, and other qualities relating to the smile.  Photos were then classified by gender, year they were listed, and occupation.  The study authors, from the University Of Seville School Of Dentistry, found that the smiles revealed common standards, regardless of occupation or gender.  Additionally, researchers studied previous work that focused on which aspects of a smile generate the greatest amount of appeal.  From their findings, they were able to come up with broad recommendations for cosmetic dentists who are working with patients to achieve their ideal smile.

In addition to concluding that smiles have a physiological influence on the perception of other people, researchers agreed that the most important aesthetic objective in cosmetic dentistry should be to achieve a balanced smile.  Of course dental aesthetics, such as tooth shape, position, and color, are key components, but soft tissues and overall symmetry and harmony of the face should also be considered.  The professionals at Miami Dental Sedation Spa specialize in this type of care and consideration as they work with their patients in achieving the perfect look for them.  The process begins with a smile analysis, which takes into account the shape, shade, and position of teeth, as well as the smile arch, midline, and other determinants of beauty.  This information is then used to develop a treatment plan.  Dr. Luis Sanchez and Dr. Gabriel Vidal are expert artisans in teeth sculpting and whitening, as well as the use of the popular veneers and replacement methods, such as implants, dentures, crowns, and bridges.  Not only do they strive for a personal, comprehensive, and professional experience for each individual they work with, but they do so in a state-of-the-art, relaxing environment, making your trip to the dentists an enjoyable one.  Isn’t it time you improved your influence on the world? Power is only a smile away!

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