Slow Down Tooth Erosion

Taking care of your oral health is so important to your overall well being.  One important aspect of the health of your teeth is how strong your enamel is.  As the enamel wears, tooth erosion can occur and this causes a whole host of problems that your cosmetic dentist in Miami should be able to fix.  But to avoid going down this road too soon, take care of your enamel by following a healthy diet.

According to the article on Science Daily “Improper Consumption of Acidic Foods Could Lead to Destroyed Enamel”, the overuse of the wrong foods can harm your teeth permanently.  Tooth erosion is the breakdown of tooth structure caused by decay.  One of the main contributors to this decay is acid found in many foods.  By recognizing which foods are the worst offenders you can take steps towards slowing down the erosion process.

Some of these foods include soda, some fruits, yogurt, and coffee.  Sipping or holding acidic drinks in your mouth will increase the risk of erosion.  Dental enamel is very thin so it’s important to consider what comes into contact with this enamel.  It’s not necessarily what you eat since some acidic foods are very nutritious, but it’s how you eat it.  Eat highly acidic foods at one or two sitting instead of throughout the day.  Avoid swishing or holding acidic fluids in your mouth, and wait 20 minutes before brushing your teeth after eating acidic food to avoid destroying the weakened enamel.  Following these few tips could end up protecting your teeth for a lifetime.

Written by Mark Paulsort

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