Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

You may have discussed some options with Miami dentists about your wisdom teeth.  It’s a common question for young adults.  Should they have their wisdom teeth removed?  Some dentists will debate the topic, but bottom line is that it is situation specific and each patient will have their own individual needs when it comes to their wisdom teeth.

According to the article “Dentists Debate Pros and Cons of Extracting Your Wisdom Teeth” by Dr. Claire Panosian Dunavan on, wisdom teeth, also known as 3rd molars”, push through young adults’ gums between the ages of 15 and 20.  Sometimes the teeth do not push through which is called impaction.  In the US, approximately 10 million impacted wisdom teeth are removed from 5 million people each year, to prevent future problems, if they haven’t already started.  Impacted teeth can cause jaw discomfort, but the risk of infection from surgery to remove the teeth is often debated as unnecessary.

About 50% of impacted upper wisdom teeth eventually come through with no problems at all, but it’s hard to say which 50% of the population will experience this.  Only about 12% of impacted teeth lead to cysts, or cause damage to other teeth.  With this said, it’s hard to say who should get their wisdom teeth removed and who will be free from difficulties.  Dentists review needs on a case by case basis.  If you think you need your wisdom teeth looked at, contact your Miami dentist for a consultation.