Sedation Dentists Buying Back Halloween Candy

Moms and Dads across the nation are anxious to get rid of their kids’ Halloween candy.  It can sit around for months causing tooth decay and adding unnecessary calories to our kids’ diets.  There is some good news though that is a win-win situation for everyone involved.  Sedation dentists throughout the country are participating in a candy buyback program where kids are taking their candy to their dentist for an amount of money and the dentist office is shipping the candy abroad to our troops.

The article on Fox News “Dentists Buy Back Halloween Candy to Send to Troops” by WAGA Atlanta talks about some of the details involved in this unique program.  It’s quite simple as kids get some money, dentists keep some candy out of the kids’ bodies, and troops get a treat in their mail.  It’s a great plan to help out everyone.

Last year, this program collected 125 tons of candy throughout the country.  Individuals in one office brought in 120 pounds alone.  Students from elementary schools everywhere are expected to sell their candy after they take out some of their favorite pieces.  It’s great to see more programs designed to help everyone, especially our troops who need to know they are being thought of all the time and that their service truly is appreciated.

Written by Mark Paulsort

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