Poor Oral Health a Family Affair

Most mothers hope to give their children the best that life has to offer.  Providing a safe and loving home, nutritious and balanced meals, and clean clothes to wear are just a few of the necessities that kids need to thrive.  Thanks to a study completed in New Zealand, moms around the world can now add practicing good oral hygiene to that list after researchers found that mothers with poor oral health are much more likely to pass this trait onto their kids.

The study (published in the Journal of Dental Research, Jan 19, 20011) examined over 1.000 children at the age of 5 in 1972-1973.  They then reexamined more than 900 of the same kids at the age of 32 and compared results to 835 moms who self-rated their own oral health.  4 out of 10 participants whose moms ranked their own oral health as “very poor,” had significant tooth loss as adults, and almost half had severe tooth decay.  The researchers created a theory that links genetics to the results as well as environmental risk factors that include social/economic status, attitudes, and education about oral health.

The American Dental Association gives advice to parents on how to help their children maintain a healthy lifestyle.  In addition to focusing on diet and exercise, parents are encouraged to teach their children the importance of oral health and to model good behavior.  Not only should parents actively brush their young children’s teeth, but they should also supervise their older children to make sure they’re doing a thorough job.  Additionally, parents should not only schedule regular dental visits for their children, but for themselves as well.  Be a role model for your kids and be sure to visit your Miami sedation dentist routinely.

Written by Mark Paulsort

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