Overcome Your Fear at Miami Dental Sedation Spa

It is completely normal and natural to feel apprehension or anxiety when preparing to receive dental treatment.  Most people experience some degree of these emotions, but for some, they can be extremely intense and even debilitating.  Whether caused by unpleasant previous experiences or fear about the procedure itself, anxiety and alarm keep some individuals from regularly visiting their dentist, often leading to painful, yet preventable, oral conditions.  In recent years, sedation and anesthesia have become a more accessible solution for individuals suffering from dental phobias, providing a more pleasant and safe experience.

Several sedation options allow patients to choose how much anesthesia they feel is necessary.  Oral sedation, such as Valium, can allow a patient to reach a very relaxed state before and during the dental procedures.  These medications are prescribed by your dentist, following the strict guidelines established by the American Dental Association.  Nitrous oxide gas is another option and has been used safely for over a century.  It is the most commonly used dental anesthesia and wears off quickly upon completion of the procedure.  IV sedation can only be offered by dentists trained and licensed for conscious sedation, and amounts are easily controlled.  The IV, often placed in the arm, also allows your dentist to adjust anesthesia throughout the procedure should it be necessary.  Dental sedation and anesthesia have been shown to be very safe and effective practices, provided your dentist is properly trained.  Most states require a special permit to administer sedation and anesthesia, which requires a dentist to provide evidence of advanced training along with proof that the facility is capable of handling emergency situations.  Before receiving treatment with sedation, it is crucial to share with the dentist any and all medications that are being taken as well as any health concerns.

The staff at Miami Dental Sedation Spa strive to provide their patients with the highest quality of care in the most comfortable environment possible.  Dr. Sanchez has been trained and licensed in the state of Florida to administer anesthesia and is a member of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology.  The ADSA provides a forum for research, education, and recognition of achievement in order to promote safe and effective patient care.  Dr. Sanchez’s membership shows his commitment to his patients comfort, safety, and overall wellbeing.  Don’t let fear keep you from obtaining the level of oral health that you deserve.  Speak to your dentist about your sedation options today.

Written by Mark Paulsort

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