One in Five Patients Delay Treatment Due to Cost

According to the article “One in Five Delaying Dental Treatment Due to Cost” found on the Private Health UK Website, the 2009 Adult Dental Dental Health Survey (ADHS) showed that 26% of people say the type of dental procedure they go with is influenced by price and 19% have delayed treatment because of cost.  Cosmetic dentist work is viewed as more expensive but that’s not always the case.

The survey also shows significant improvement in the oral health of patients.  There are reductions in decay and gum disease and more and more teeth are being retained.  Unfortunately, it also found large disparities between the best and worst mouths.  Susie Sanderson of the BDA points out that the survey reinforces the importance of preventative care when it comes to oral health.

This survey is the 5th in a series of national dental surveys in the UK that have been performed every 10 years since 1968.  The main goal of completing these surveys has been to get a picture of the oral health of the general, adult population and show how it changes over time.  It’s very useful information to measure the success of various programs and new procedures in oral health.