New Fluoride Recommendations From the Government

The American Dental Association (ADA) is excited about the government’s new recommendations on fluoride in drinking water across the nation.  The ADA continues to advocate for community water fluoridation at proposed levels.

According to the article “ADA Commends New Fluoride Recommendations” by Craig Palmer Dr. Raymond F. Gist, the president of the ADA, believes this is a superb example of a government agency fulfilling its mission to enhance the America people and their health.  Americans look to federal health agencies to guide and protect when it comes to public health matters.  The Department of Health and Human Services is coming through in safety and oral health.

The federal agency announced a proposed change in recommended levels of fluoride in drinking water.  The HHS department is looking to have the level set at the low end of the optimal range to prevent tooth decay.  The Environmental Protection Agency is starting a review of the maximum amount of fluoride naturally occurring in drinking water under the regulations in place right now.  HHS Assistant Secretary for Health, Howard Koh, MD, says these are science based decisions which are leading us in the right direction.  Miami dentists throughout the state will be glad steps are being taken towards better oral health.