Miami Sedation Dentists Celebrate Fluoridation

Miami sedation dentists, along with hundreds of dentists across the nation, recently celebrated 66 years of community water fluoridation with the ADA, the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Recognition was held at the National Oral Health Conference in April honoring dozens of communities with 2010 Fluoridation Awards at the Westin Convention Center in Pittsburgh.

Twenty-two communities were honored with the Community Fluoridation Initiative Award including Plant City, Florida, Watsonville, California and El Dorado, Arkansas.  An additional ten communities received the Fluoridation Reaffirmation Awards for defeating attempts to discontinue fluoridation or approving attempts to maintain water fluoridation.  Some of these communities included Marine City, Michigan, Walden, New York, and Crescent City, California.  California received a State Fluoridation Initiative Award because they have the highest increase in people receiving fluoridated water for 2010.

Individuals who made an impact were also recognized.  Dr. Steven M. Levy received the 2010 Fluoridation Merit Award at the conference.  He is a professor and graduate program director at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry.  Levy along with an impressive team continues to investigate the impacts of fluoride intake, dental fluorosis, dietary patterns and dental carries.  His work is making an impact on the implementation of fluoride across the nation.  It’s important to honor these types of individuals and recognize all of their hard work so fluoride continues to be an important part of our drinking water.