Miami Dentists Understand Invisalign

Miami dentists throughout the area understand and offer Invisalign treatments, but ensure your dentist carries the Invisalign Certification.  Miami Dental Sedation Spa dentist, Dr. Vidal, has this certification and understands how Invisalign benefits his patients.

What is Invisalign?  Invisalign is a modern approach to fixing those crooked teeth without the inconvenience of permanent braces.  Dentists use a custom-designed aligner that is make individually for each patient.  This is important to understand since everyone’s teeth alignment is very different.  Conventional approaches often do not take this into consideration.

The aligners consist of smooth, comfortable, and almost invisible plastic which is simply placed over your existing teeth.  By wearing the piece consistently the teeth are slowly and painlessly shifted to the desirable location thus correcting a crooked smile.

Invisalign has no metal brackets to adjust and no wires that need to be periodically tightened.  The patient simply places a new aligner into their mouth every few weeks to keep the adjustment moving.  This alternative to braces appeals to many patients for the convenience of being able to remove them when necessary and the fact that most people won’t even notice you are wearing a mouth piece.  Talk to your Miami dentist to see if Invisalign would be right for you.