Keep A Healthy Mouth This Holiday Season

Once again, it’s holiday time, but unlike Halloween, the time between Thanksgiving and New Years can be a month long celebration for many Americans.  Pies, cakes, cookies and chocolates are everywhere you turn from family gatherings to office parties.  It’s more important than ever to ensure you are following an oral health care routine consistently to avoid dreaded tooth decay.

Your dentists in Miami are available to meet your emergency mouth needs, but here are some tips to help prevent the emergency visit from tooth pain.  When you eat sugary, carb heavy foods, try to eat some protein with it to counteract some of the acidic food.  Carry a travel tooth brush to family gatherings so you can always brush your teeth after eating food or sugary drinks.  If you are unable to brush your teeth after a meal, chew some sugarless gum with sorbitol in it, or swish some fluoridinated tap water to remove some of the sugar from your teeth.

Try to avoid grazing.  Not only will grazing cause you to possibly intake more calories than you would like, it can keep acids flowing in your mouth which may contribute to decay.  Limit how amount of sticky food you eat.  These foods are not only filled with sugars, but they generally take longer to chew and can enable cavity causing agents to work harder.  And of course, keep up with your dental visits during this time.  If you haven’t seen your dentist recently, this is a good time to make an appointment.  Happy Holidays!

Written by Mark Paulsort

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