Fixing Missing Teeth

If you are missing teeth, whether in the back or front of your mouth, know that you have many options to fix your smile.  Modern dentistry has made it possible to replace missing teeth with natural looking methods.

Whether you lost your teeth through an accident, decay or genetics implants are one of the best options for replacement.  Dentists can introduce a titanium implant in the bone and place a crown to get full function back.  Implants are also a good option for large restorative cases in combination with additional repair work such as bridges, single crowns, partials or dentures.

Partial and full dentures continue to be a popular choice for patients as well.  Flexi partials, used by many, have all acrylic materials.  Partials are generally unnoticeable and with a talented dentist, your smile can be restored to its original beauty.  This option is very affordable with quick results which is very important in this current economy.  Full dentures can also be combines with implants to ensure retention and stability.  Discover all of your options by visiting your Miami Dental Sedation Spa dentist.