February is Pet Dental Health Month

We all know how crucial proper oral health is for us, and we brush daily, floss regularly, and visit our Miami dentists for checkups.  But how many of us do the same for our pets?  Taking care of our pets’ oral health needs can not only extend their lives, but can make them more comfortable over time.

There are signs of gum disease in pets that should never be ignored.  Some of these warning signs include red gums, swelling, yellowish tarter on teeth, bleeding or sensitive areas to the touch.  Bad breath, a change in eating habits, or pawing their face are additional signs that something may be wrong.  Vet Michael Lent from Pantano Animal Clinic says routine dental cleanings are critical to maintaining your pet’s overall health according to the article by Karen Zoldan on TusconCitizen.com.

There are many products in the market designed to make brushing easier for your pets.  There are toothbrushes specially for dogs as well as flavored toothpastes, with flavors such as peanut butter.  Chew toys and oral health dog biscuits are also useful for maintaining a dog’s healthy mouth.  Check with your veterinarian to see what recommendations they may have to help make oral health a priority for your pet.