FDA Approves Tooth Movement Accelerator

The FDA has recently approved a new technology which would accelerate the speed in which teeth are moved into the proper positioning.  According to the article on CosmeticDenistsNews.com, OrthoAccel Technologies developed the AcceleDent System to accelerate orthodontic treatment.  This simple applicance is removable and is non-evasive as it’s placed in the mouth for only 20 minutes per day to enhance what braces are already striving for.

A randomized, controlled clinical trial conducted at the University of TexasHealth Science Center at San Antonio showed that tooth movement could be sped up by 106% during the initial alignment phase and 38%-50% during closure of extraction space.  There did not seem to be any damage to the root or any other negative effects from this unique appliance.

The study was guided by Dr. Dubravko Pavlin, Professor of Orthodontics, who points out this evidence is welcomed by orthodontists as well as patients who like to see their teeth move in a shorter period of time.  Ultimately, patients will not need to wear their braces as long.  Treatment time could be shortened by as much as 5 months which is great news for patients anxiously waiting to get their braces off.  Cosmetic dentistry is taking a big step forward with this new appliance being approved by the FDA.

Written by Mark Paulsort

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