Eating Your Way to Healthy Teeth

We all know brushing your teeth and flossing daily are great practices to maintain a healthy mouth, but did you know that there are foods you can eat regularly to support strong teeth?

According to, there are numerous foods which actually strengthen teeth by massaging gums and cleansing the mouth.  Fiber rich raw foods are the best to eat for the this effect and some examples of these foods include apples, carrots, radishes, cucumber, orange, pear, beetroot, and watermelon.  Other foods good for your teeth are nuts, whole grains, and sprouts of beans.  These foods also increase salvation which will neutralize the acid in your mouth.  This acid can erode teeth so keeping it under control is important.

When you eat these foods also matters.  By eating some raw foods after each meal you can in a sense clean your mouth after each meal.  When eating citrus foods or juices it’s a good idea to rinse your mouth with water afterwards to ensure their acid from these foods does not linger on your teeth.   Drinking enough water overall is crucial not only for the fluoride found in most tap water, but also to keep your body and mouth well hydrated for the production of the ever important saliva.  Check with your Miami sedation dentist to see if they recommend any other foods to keep your mouth as healthy as it can be.