Do You Need a Smile Analysis?

A smile can have a huge impact on perceived attractiveness and many people are very self conscious of their smile because of how important it is.  More and more dentists are offering their patients a smile analysis to determine areas of a smile that can be improved.

When a dentist completes a smile analysis they are looking at numerous different factors.  Some of these factors include tooth shade, discoloration, tooth structure, crowding, visible dental work, spacing and the shape and size of teeth.  With an open line of communication between the patient and dentist, tweaks can be made to help the patient feel more comfortable about their smile.

Esthetic dentistry has become an important part of our society.  A smile impacts first impressions and feeling confident about our appearance contributes to an overall feeling of well being.  There are a wide variety of procedures dentists can offer to improve a smile, so if you feel there are improvements to be made, discuss your options with your dentist.