Denture Cream May Contribute to Nerve Damage

According to the article “Fixodent Denture Cream Can Cause Nerve Damage, Says Report” by Jonathon Benson on, a recent ABC News investigation discovered a possible connection between a popular denture cream, Fixodent, and neurological disorders.  Some users of the denture cream are claiming to have experienced nerve damage and a class-action lawsuit against Proctor & Gamble who makes the product.

With millions of cosmetic dentistry patients wearing dentures, there is a lot of concern over this matter.  The ingredient in question is zinc which has been linked to mineral deficiencies that can cause nerve damage over time.  Proctor & Gamble insist that their denture cream only has a small amount of zinc to keep dentures in place and the amount used in comparable to the amount in a vitamin or a serving of raw meat.  They stand by their product and do not believe Fixodent is causing nerve damage in users.

Fixodent is one of the only denture creams still using zinc in their list of ingredients.  GlaxoSmithKline’s Poligrip and many drug store creams do not contain zinc but more research needs to be done to determine if zinc is causing the problem, or if it’s even the denture cream at all.  Many things can cause nerve damage over time so it will be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is contributing to these users’ experiences.