Dentist Visit Should Be Part of Prenatal Care

Most women recognize that they should be receiving prenatal care from their doctor when they learn they are pregnant.  But not everyone realizes they should be visiting their dentist as well to ensure there are no problems once a woman learns she is pregnant.  Infection, especially infections in the mouth, can have negative effects on our body as well as a pregnancy.

Researchers have found evidence that infections can affect humans even while in the womb according to the article “Pregnant?  See Your Dentist Right Away” by Lee Bowman on East Valley Tribune.  A recent study showed that chronic gum disease in women can have a strong impact on their ability to conceive.  The study was conducted by Australian scientists and they tracked 3400 women.  Through the study they learned that women with untreated gum disease took an average of seven months to become pregnant which was two months more than women with a healthy mouth.

Roger Hart, a professor at the University of Western Australia, headed up the study and points out that gum disease can be treated before and during pregnancy so this indicates a dentist visit should be part of prenatal care.  Even better, women should see their dentist once they decide to try to conceive to clear up any issues before they get pregnant, and based on the study they may actually get pregnant quicker.  If a women is in need of sedation dentistry, it’s best to see them before they get pregnant since not all sedation techniques can be used once a women becomes pregnant.

Written by Mark Paulsort

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