Dental Fear More Common in Women

Many dental patients share the common bond of feeling extreme anxiety when going to the dentist.  It’s important for these individuals to know they are not alone, and women are more likely to have this fear.  According to the article “New Study of Extreme Dental Anxiety” by Dental Health Magazine found on, research shows 10% of men questioned were afraid of the dentist while 18% of women felt this fear.  It’s unclear why this may be, but it is possible men were less likely to admit to their fears as compared to women who tend to be more open about their emotions.

Another interesting statistic shows a wide range in how different age groups feel about going to the dentist.  The survey showed that 15% of people between the ages of 16-34 had extreme dental anxiety when they went to the dentist office, but that number drops significantly to just 9% for people over 85 years of age.  It’s hard to tell exactly what causes the drop in anxiety, but experience probably has something to do with it.  Older people tend to need the dentist more as their teeth ages and problems can no longer be ignored.

The good news for all age groups, including children, is that Miami sedation dentistry focuses on easing dental anxiety and pain management has come a long ways over the past few decades.  People should not feel embarrassed to visit their dentist for bad teeth because your experienced dentist has seen it all.  A lot of the time genetics are a major part of your mouth problems so you should not be ashamed of what work may need to be completed.  You will most likely be so satisfied with your results that you will regret waiting as long as you did to seek treatment.