Dental Care Access for All

In several places around the country, February is Children’s Dental Health Month, and people are buzzing about recent studies showing a shocking percentage of our nation’s kids are suffering from premature tooth decay.  This is a very serious topic, which deserves a lot of attention, but meanwhile, there is a significant portion of our population that is often left out of the oral health discussion.  Fewer than 50% of seniors and retires have dental insurance, and with most living on a limited, fixed monthly income, the cost of simple routine care is just out of reach.  However, a new, nationally accredited dental health program is now available, helping to provide critical dental care to a well-deserving group of people.

A recent PR Newswire press release describes First Dental Health as focusing on making dental care more attainable by offering members a discount of up to 60% on routine dental procedures.  New Dental Choice is a plan available to seniors nationwide, and anyone can join, as there are no age limits, deductibles, or waiting periods.  According to Vice President of Sales at First Dental Health, Cecilia Cresto, the relationship between oral wellness and overall health significantly strengthens as we age, leading to a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, and periodontal disease among  seniors who don’t receive dental care.

Majority of seniors have access to health insurance through the federal Medicare program, however there are few options for dental care.  And plans that are available for seniors in the private insurance sector are often just too expensive for many to afford.   While the biggest savings offered through New Dental Choice is in routine procedures, restorative and other major dental care are available at discounted rates.  The program discloses discounts for crowns, dentures, periodontal therapy, and other services, prior to treatment so that seniors can make a good decision and budget accordingly.  Oral health is closely connected to everyone’s overall wellness, and as we spend this month focusing on the children of our society, let’s not forget that all people, young and old, deserve access to quality, affordable dental care.

Written by Mark Paulsort

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