Cosmetic Dentists Agree: Good Oral Health Helps Results

Good oral hygiene can actually enhance the effects of cosmetic dentistry and most cosmetic dentists agree.  Cleaning your teeth regularly and keeping up with oral health check-ups can help prevent gum disease which can inhibit the effectiveness of cosmetic dentistry work.

The article “Cosmetic Dentistry Effect Improved by Good Oral Hygiene” found on Private Health, says gum disease will eventually cause teeth to become loose and fall out.  If gums are in good condition crowns and veneers stay in place better and the appearance is often of higher quality.

This isn’t to say you cannot have cosmetic work done on your mouth if you have poor oral hygiene, but it may be in your best interest to discuss ways to improve your oral health before getting work done.  It may end up affecting the cost of your work, and according to research from the NHS Information Centre, 26% of adults are influenced by the cost of their dental treatment.  19% actually delay dental work because of cost.

Talk with your dentist to see what they recommend in terms of improving your oral health if you think you may have a problem.  They will work with you to get your on a treatment and on your way back to healthier gums.  This in turn will most likely give you a better overall experience when you do decide to complete cosmetic dentistry work on your teeth.