Cosmetic Dentistry: The New Face-lift

Getting older has both its perks and its downsides.  Like a fine wine, most of us get better with age.  We grow personally, professionally, and spiritually with the life lessons we pick up along the way.  But ask any middle-aged American about what they dislike most about aging, and you’re likely to hear about wrinkles, aching joints, and sagging in areas that used to be firm.  Plastic surgery has long been an option for those who are looking to fight the signs of time, but for some, the thought of going under the knife, or the cost of such procedures, make altering their body out of the question.  But now, thanks to cosmetic dentistry, reversing the hands of time can be as simple as visiting your dentist.  I recently ran across a CBS News article describing what’s been dubbed as “anti-aging dentistry,” a practice that has patients smiling from ear to ear.

The story tells of a dentist in Beverly Hills, California that, by making minor changes to a patient’s teeth, helps reduce sagging skin around the mouth and gives the appearance of fuller lips.  Over time teeth wear down and shift naturally, often changing the appearance of your face.  Wrinkles set in and skin around the mouth tends to droop.  Have you ever seen someone who looks like they are grumpy when they are sitting at rest (maybe in the mirror)? This is often a result of changes in the mouth.  Where some people would opt for a facelift to correct these issues, cosmetic dentistry can be a safe, more affordable alternative for others.  The CBS piece detailed the experience of one woman who was experiencing the above mentioned scenario.  Her dentist placed porcelain overlays, or veneers over her natural teeth and crowns on the back teeth, and the results were astonishing.  Her “new” teeth filled out her face, minimizing the wrinkles around her mouth, reducing the amount of sag in her jaw area, and gave her the appearance of fuller lips.  In total, the procedures took 3 visits over the course of the week with no recovery time necessary.

Several studies have found that a person’s smile is the most memorable and influential trait when making a first impression.  If you are unhappy with your smile or the changes in the facial features around your mouth, chances are there’s a simple cosmetic dental procedure that can help. Check out these incredible before and after pictures and see the changes for yourself.  And if you’d like to learn more about porcelain veneers, check out my blog, “The Aesthetically Appealing Porcelain Veneer.”

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