Cosmetic Dental Procedures: Tooth Whitening

Dentists Miami can whiten your teeth effectively with little to no discomfort at all.  This is encouraging for the thousands of Miami residents who are concerned about the discoloration of their teeth.  Aging, coffee, wine and genetics all play into our teeth losing their glow but through simple cosmetic dental procedures, there are options to correct this and feel confident about your smile again.

Tooth discoloration is a normal part of growing older, but other factors contribute to the speed at which our teeth turn yellow.  Smoking, heavy coffee and tea drinking, certain medications, excessive fluoride and certain foods can cause teeth to become discolored or dull-looking over time.  The good news is that tooth whitening is an affordable, often painless process to make your smile white again.  In the cases of severe discoloration other cosmetic procedures may be the best solution such as dental veneers or bonding.

The cost of tooth whitening can vary from dentist from dentist, but discuss your financial concerns with your dentist to see what options may be available for financing or discounts.  Teeth whitening is not for everyone so meeting with your Miami dentist can give you an idea of what options you may have.  Every individual situation has a unique set of options to be sure you understand where you stand.  It can truly pay off and give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of.