Cosmetic Dental Procedures for the Bride-to-be

Anyone who has been a bride-to-be understand the desire to look their very best for the big day.  One of the biggest trends hitting the bride preparation arena is cosmetic dental procedures for both the bride and groom.  One such scenario was even featured in Beautiful Smiles Winter 2011 Newsletter completed by a New Jersey dentist.

The featured bride got a variety of procedures done such as bonding, teeth whitening, and teeth cleaning.  The article “Wedding Smile Makeover in New Jersey Icing on Cake for One Bride” found on SFGate says the bride was motivated by wedding pictures.  She had an accident as a child that left her with discolored bonding on her two front teeth.  She wanted to ensure her teeth would look her best on her wedding day and the smile makeover made this happen.

The bride had an unsuccessful consultation with another practice but eventually found the dentist that was right for her and understood her needs.  She was happy to hear her natural teeth would be preserved as much as possible.  With the combination of bleaching, cleaning, extensive color matching and bonding they were able to create the smile she always dreamed about.  If this success story is something you’ve dreamed about and you have a big day coming up it’s definitely worth your time to get a consultation and see what your dentist can do for you.