Cancer Screening At the Dentist

Many dentists offer an important cancer screening which enables the dentist to catch oral cancers early and treat them quickly.  This process called ViziLite Plus, is a oral lesion identification system which is like the PAP smear for cervical cancer or the Mammogram for breast cancer.

According to the ViziLite Plus website, one American dies every hour from oral cancer which is a death rate that has remained about the same for over 40 years.  Early detection is crucial to reducing death rates.  Annual oral cancer screenings are recommended by many dentists and should be a part of maintaining good oral health.

The process is very simple as a patient rinses with a cleansing solution and then the mouth is placed under a special light while the dentists examines the area.  It’s completely painless, quick and when done correctly it’s very effective.  It’s important to speak with your dentists about your risks and what you can do to ensure overall oral health for you and your family.  Miami Dental Sedation Spa offers the procedure which can be life saving.