Can Pregnant Women Treat Gum Disease?

According to the article “Gum Disease Treatment Safe for Pregnant Women” found on, a new study reveals an unborn baby’s health will not be affected by the treatment of gum disease.  This is great news for pregnant women since it’s been long recognized that hormonal changes in pregnant women make them more susceptible to inflammation of the gums and bacterial infections in the mouth.

The standard antibiotic regime for gum disease is usually avoided because it can stain the baby’s teeth.  In addition, there are concerns with vigorously cleaning teeth because of the worry of loose bacteria getting into the bloodstream of the pregnant women and affecting the baby.  The good news is that a new study recently completed by the Minnesota School of Dentistry in Minneapolis showed these concerns were baseless.

Dr. Bryan Michalowicz and his colleagues tested over 400 2 year olds who had been born to mothers with gum disease.  About 50% of the mothers had been treated with aggressive teeth cleaning and the rest had not.  All of the children tested fine on language, motor, and mental tests.  On the other hand, treatment didn’t seem to benefit the children either.  Earlier studies linked gum disease to developmental delays, but this research did not confirm this theory.

If you are pregnant and suspect that you have gum disease it should be looked at for severity by your Miami sedation dentists.  This way they can evaluate your specific risk factors and work with you one on one for a treatment plan.